Honey: A Natural Way to Treat Infection

Have you ever wondered why honey, a natural product that is so rich in sugar, is resistant to bacterial or fungal growth, even when kept at room temperature for months?
Honey’s strong anti-bacterial properties were discovered by ancient civilizations. The enzymes within honey inhibit microbial growth and biofilm formation. They also stimulate fibroblasts that are essential to wound healing.
Additionally, honey’s high sugar content and low water content can draw out a wound’s discharge and necrotic material and enhance healing. Honey’s high sugar content can also kill infecting organisms that might find their way into the honey itself.
J. Parvizi, MD. reports that honey was effective in healing chronic wounds, including some cases he treated personally.
Given the current challenge we face with treating infections with man-made antibiotics, why not let nature fight nature? (Orthopedics Today, 10/15).


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