Cogito Ergo Sum = Mindset


It is said that the mind is the most powerful “muscle” in the entire body. With that being said, one could argue that once someone’s mind is made up (concretely made up) that one was going to accomplish a certain task, one could consider it done. Consider for one minute, that the task is fitness / rehab / performance based. It could be a bad joint that didn’t heal properly, a certain weakness in your defensive nature in a particular martial art, to lose 25-30 pounds of life-debilitating body fat, to actually train for a 5K or half marathon, whatever… That would take a conscious effort on your part to plan and execute the regimen necessary to get the job done.

The first task is the PLAN. FAILURE TO PLAN IS A PLAN TO FAIL. Hopefully by this time in reading my blog posts over the years, one understands that this is an all consuming plan. All perspectives and angles have to considered in order to ensure success regardless of the task at hand. If you have a problem coming up with that kind of comprehensive plan, then that’s what the fitness professionals / strength & speed coaches / physical therapist – exercise physiologists are for. Consider consulting or hiring one to get a game plan established. I personally can’t even start a workout unless it’s written down first. My training log is a powerful tool. I can refer back to past workouts to see what records I have set and notes on workout fails. You wouldn’t try a build a house, program a computer, or start a business without a plan or seeking professional help would you? For our fitness based task at hand, you need to come at it from all the angles that would make you successful: Diet (both food and supplements), Exercise (both strength and conditioning), rest / recovery and injury prevention / injury management. If that sounds overwhelming then consider getting some help. If you are the type that is highly self motivated, then a consultation and a follow up program design for you to execute on your own might be just the ticket. For those that need an appointment to make, someone waiting on you, and someone to push you and adapt the program as you evolve, then hiring a professional is what you need to consider. But I digress, this article is not about slinging services. It’s about you laser focusing your efforts toward a goal and letting nothing side track you.

Let’s say for argument that you have your comprehensive game plan. You have painstakingly dotted every I and crossed every T and left nothing to chance. Awesome! Now we can get started on creating a new “you”, whatever you you want that to be. Now is the “fun” part. Staying on point. That means cutting or curtailing anything that will derail or detract from accomplishing your goal. The most powerful way I know of and coached for decades is emotion. What I mean by that is to reach back in your life to mind a powerful emotion or pivotal event that evokes a POWERFUL emotional response to this day. The power of the emotion is critical. It has to be one so strong that it keeps you focused even when you are feeling depressed, defeated and feel like quitting. An emotion / event that motivates when nothing else does. An emotion / event that will drag you kicking and screaming across that “finish line” even you want to give up. One that won’t let you cheat on that diet, will make you add those 5 pounds on the bar or crank out that last set / rep, one that gets you out of bed early in the morning because it’s the only time in your busy schedule to get that workout in, one that makes your sprint that much harder up that stadium even you’re the only one out there and no one is watching you or cheering you on. If that emotion makes you angry, makes you wanna cry, makes you wanna scream, makes you wanna punch walls, then your there. I’m not talking self destructive , I’m talking highly motivating because it causes you to stir. NOW WE ARE GONNA USE THIS TO OUR ADVANTAGE AND SPIN THIS IN A POSITIVE MANNER. Use this to create a new you. A Phoenix out of the Flames if you will. Out of the fire of change we will forge a new you on many levels. Everyone gets frustrated. Everyone gets tired and beat down. This tool will allow to emerge on the other side of the gauntlet and you won’t recognize yourself.

Are you ready for a “real” new you that can endure the flames of life? Are you a beginner and lack the “something” that gets you started? Are you an elite athlete and feeling your motivation and inspiration waning? Are you a weekend warrior and feel like your just spinning your wheels? Are you someone who used to be fit and now life stepped in and stomped on you! Having a hard time getting back on track? Having a hard time achieving or maintaining old goals?

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