10 Little Known Tips To Get You on Your Way to Six Pack Abs

10 Little Known Tips To Get You on Your Way to Six Pack Abs
Tip #1: BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS between meals (5 grams) can trick the body to accelerate fat loss especially in the abdominal region

Tip #2: Daily melatonin administration suppresses BW, intraabdominal adiposity, plasma leptin, insulin independent of food intake/total body fat.

Tip #3: 30 ML (2 tablespoon) coconut oil: Higher levels of HDL (good cholesterol) Lower LDL/HDL ratio Reduced waist circumference/abdominal obesity

Tip #4: I’m a big believer in using physioballs or stability balls for your linear core work. By allowing your abdominal musculature that extra 15 degrees of movement, you significantly increase the amount of force that can produce. Recent EMG research showed that abdominal training on the stability ball was SUPERIOR to flat surface training

Tip #5: Doing 20-30 reps for abs is like doing 20 reps for bench. You’re not going to get any stronger. If you can perform your abdominal work with more than 12 reps, you are not going heavy enough

Tip #6: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s): Two options here, take your LBM in kg and multiply it by .4, consume this in liquid form during your workout, heavily diluted in water. Option two consume 5g mixed BCAAs between each meal, in about 16oz water. This protocol has shown to cause a significant reduction in abdominal body fat storage, while preserving lean mass (LBM) while in a caloric restriction

Tip #7: Take a probiotic supplement to lose belly fat, lower cortisol level, and decrease anxiety

Tip #8: Greater EAA and protein intake will help you lose visceral belly fat, increase lean mass, and maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis

Tip #9: Limit fructose in the diet because it gets in the way of losing belly fat.

Tip #10: People with the lowest vitamin D levels tend to have the greatest amount of visceral belly fat. Supplementing can lead to belly fat loss.

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