10 Hints, Tips and Tricks on Training Hamstrings

10 Hints, Tips and Tricks on Training Hamstrings
Tip #1: If the back squat far exceeds results in the power snatch or power clean, this suggests a strength imbalance in the hamstrings

Tip #2: A simple trick to make the hamstrings recruit more powerfully during seated leg curls is to lean forward as much as possible

Tip #3: Running on a treadmill increases the risk of hamstring injuries because such training decreases the hip extensor function of the hamstrings

Tip #4: Anterior hip pain relates to poor glute max activation (This relates to the poor biomechanics of hamstrings a hip extensors)

Tip #5: There is really no support for bilateral stretching of the hamstrings to prevent and treat lower back pain. In most cases, the tightness people feel in the hamstrings is a neural tightness-not a purely soft tissue phenomenon.

Tip #6: Got chronic pulled hamstrings? Try your glute activation work and it will go a long way in preventing those nagging injuries

Tip #7: In sport, the hamstrings are primarily used for hip extension rather knee flexion

Tip #8: For a big squat, you must prioritize your hamstrings at least twice a week

Tip #9: When using a 1 Leg DB Deadlifts – Use a 20 degree knee bend in the base leg to target weak glutes and compensate for hamstring dominance

Tip #10: In training sprinters, squatting past parallel to ensure adequate hamstring involvement is imperative

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