10 Things You Need To Know About Flexibility

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10 Things You Need To Know About Flexibility
#1. Stretch each muscle 3-5 times-research suggests that for max flexibility adaptations, stretch each muscle 3-5 times per session

#2. FLEXIBILITY may be an issue as the higher the speed demand is, the more that range of motion becomes an issue

#3. There’s no downside to including eccentric training in your program since it helps maintain/increase flexibility, while making you stronger

#4. The minimum threshold of flexibility training you need per week to increase flexibility is six hours.

#5. Get a foam roller & USE it. Don’t worry about the strength, size, or flexibility of your muscles until you work on the quality of the tissue

#6. Gains in static flexibility levels are directly proportional to the length of time under which the muscles have been stretched

#7. To maximize the flexibility gains, 4-6 hours after strength training, a combination of stretching in this order-PNF, ballistic, then static

#8. Whether you get injured or not is more related to your overall fitness level, not your flexibility level

#9. Isometric exercises have a multitude of benefits. One of which is when held in the stretch position they increase dynamic flexibility, maximal strength, and muscle stiffness.

#10. The rectus femoris is an extremely common cause of hip and knee pain in clients / patients due to excessive trigger points and poor flexibility


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