10 More Glute Training Tips..

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10 More Glute Training Tips
Tip #1 – Remember, getting the glutes to fire is rarely a strength issue, but more a neural one.

Tip #2 – Tissue quality is the most under-appreciated aspect of recovery. Don’t worry about length(stretching) until you’ve taken care of quality (foam rolling)

Tip #3 – Having tight hip flexors cause a greater lumbar curve, which also causes the glutes to become weak

Tip #4 – The phenomenon of “gluteal amnesia”  is most commonly due to overactive hip flexors. When the hip flexors (psoas, iliacus, rectus femoris, tensor fascia latae) become tight from poor training and / or prolonged sitting / driving, their antagonists (gluteus maximus, primarily) tend to become weak

Tip #5 – Athletes who have complained of tight hamstrings also had poor glute function; meaning that they lacked the ability to fire their glutes

Tip #6 – Girls, you’d better get on a first name basis with heavy deadlifts if want a HARD butt

Tip #7 – The following categories should be trained on a weekly basis for optimal strength development:
1. Bilateral axial extension exercise (ex: squat, front squat)

2. Unilateral axial extension exercise (ex: Bulgarian squat, high step up)

3. Axial semi-straight leg exercise (ex: deadlift, good morning)

4. Anteroposteriorbent-leg exercise (ex: hip thrust, pendulum quadruped hip extension)

5. Anteroposteriorstraight leg exercise (ex: back extension, reverse hyper)

Tip #8 – By strengthening the glutes (particularly the gluteus maximus and the posterior portion of the glute medius), the medial rotation of the hip is corrected and the knee pain will start to disappear. Combine this with some foam rolling of the TFL, IT band, and some stretching of the tight hip flexors and you have a recipe for healthy knees.

Tip #9 – Strengthening the glutes causes less force to be put on the lower spine during exercises like the deadlift making back injury less likely

Tip #10 – Weak glutes can lead to hamstring pulls which means your lower body training and interval training will have to take a back seat until you’re healed. Strengthen the glutes and this issue can be easily avoided


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