10 Tips for Bigger, Stronger Triceps

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10 Tips for Bigger, Stronger Triceps
Tip #1: Seated Half Press in Power Rack. As a testimony to the effectiveness of this exercise, consider that Pat Casey is the first man to have bench pressed 600 pounds and that seated presses were one of his favorite exercises

Tip #2: All barbell exercises involving the triceps are more productive if you use chains or bands, as they help match the strength curve.

Tip #3: The use of bands, however, should be restricted to one workout or two, otherwise, elbow problems are bound to occur. Try to alternate bands one workout and chains, the other.

Tip #4: For fastest triceps growth, do heavy barbell work in the morning and do dumbbell work in the evening.

Tip #5: MRI studies have shown that the decline dumbbell triceps extension is one of the most effective movements when it comes to recruiting the triceps

Tip #6: The grip should be about 14 inches for men and about 10 inches for women – I don’t believe in using the 4- to 6-inch grip recommended by many coaches, as it puts enormous strain on the wrists

Tip #7: Your elbows should only to 98% of elbow extension to maintain maximal tension on the triceps

Tip #8: The lateral head of the triceps is most difficult to recruit and is best activated with loads greater then 85%

Tip #9: It kinda goes without saying but, EMG activity was 79 percent of the stable bench press value for the balance cushion and 69 percent using the Swissball

Tip #10: V Bar Dips are still best triceps developer there is…period. EMG studies have clearly shown that it the exercise who activates the greatest amount of motor units in the triceps brachii.