10 Hints, Tips and Tricks to Get That Summer Body

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10 Hints, Tips and Tricks to Get That Summer Body
#1. Water – Studies recommend that for every 20 pounds one is overweight, they need to add 8 more oz water to their daily regimen for fat loss

#2. Calorie Intake – Make sure you consume enough calories – no less than 1200 for women and at least 1800 for men (yet,1600/2100 are more appropriate minimums).

#3. Fat Intake – Don’t avoid fat. Research shows that people with diets with 30 – 50 percent coming from smart fats have higher androgens and lower body fat.

#4. Protein Intake – Due to the thermic effect of protein, excess calories in protein aren’t as likely to be stored on the body as fat-EAT ALL YOUR PROTEIN FIRST

#5. Carb Intake – Being highly insulin resistant, a breakfast full of carbs will lead to fat gain, energy disturbances, and impairment of insulin signaling

#6. Strength Training – When you combine serious strength training with serious endurance exercise, your body will choose endurance over muscle and strength. Remember, choose strength training over traditional cardio for TRUE change to your body.

#7. Cardio Training – Traditional cardio increases oxidative and adrenal stress, inhibits your strength gains, makes you slower and also prevents you from getting leaner

#8. Core Training – Most people tend to focus on quantity vs quality & “the burn” with actual productive work when training core musculature. Think stability!

#9. Fat Burning Supplements – Take a probiotic supplement to lose belly fat, lower cortisol level, and decrease anxiety

#10. Stress – The mechanism behind delayed recovery has to do with a chronic overactivation of the stress hormone response—mainly cortisol. Remember recovery is the key and the ONLY time the body can repair itself is when you are ASLEEP!

Bonus: Sleep – A study in the journal Science Translational Medicine found that not getting enough sleep, can make you fat and eventually lead to DIABETES