Top 10 Training Tips for Bigger Biceps

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Top 10 Training Tips for Bigger Biceps
#1. For stronger biceps, train your legs-The best way to develop more strength in your arms is to train them together with a large muscle groups

#2. The brachioradialis muscle is not recruited at slow speeds during a biceps curl, but it is recruited at fast speed

#3. Take time and do your forearm work. It will go a long way in keeping your elbows healthy and it will help with growth in your biceps

#4. Grip the inside of the dumbbell w/ the pinky touching the plate to assist w/ supination & a harder bicep contraction.

#5. Don’t be afraid to switch it up but not for switching’s sake. Change grip widths, modalities, speed of contraction, etc. only to target certain aspects of the bicep you want to change or to increase training focus based on a mechanical issue.

#6. Remember, the function of the bicep is to flex the elbow AND supinate the wrist. Add this to ALL your DB Curls to get best of both worlds.

#7. Fat Bar and Fat Grip training increases both elbow flexor recruitment and contraction intensity. If your bicep growth stagnates, try this for a boost.

#8. Try an Incline Modified Kettlebell Curl. Using a modified kettlebell is a good way to challenge the strength curve to make you stronger; you can get faster adaptations without suffering a strength plateau from doing the same thing for months on end. A modified kettlebell will spin so that it doesn’t stress the wrist or hit the forearm.

#9. Preacher Curls, Preacher Curls and more Preacher Curls. I see so many peeps working their guts out for bigger biceps and their shoulders dominate and swing to get out of control. The preacher bench keeps everyone honest and keeps the biceps isolated.

#10. Bicep Training Coaching Cue: Standing BB Curls – Curl to your MID CHEST, not to your shoulders or chin. Keep the pressure on the biceps and don’t transfer the pressure to the deltoids.