Top 10 Things You Need To Know For Your Vertical Jump

Top-10-Things-You-Need-To-Know-For-Your-Vertical-JumpTip #1: A recent paper by David Kern concluded that it is the eccentric portion of a depth jump that actually has the greatest training effect as far as increasing the vertical jump and lower body power

Tip #2: Generally speaking, the short jump (more vertical) will improve the start and acceleration part of your sprint. The long jump (more horizontal) will develop the speed and muscular endurance phase of your training

Tip #3: Through biomechanical modeling the research determined that concentric power was the primary component of vertical jump performance and reactive strength was the primary factor affecting run up single leg vertical jump

Tip #4: The day you’ll be satisfied with your vertical jump is the day you have the strength to squat 2x your bodyweight at under 10% body fat while having the ability to jump back and forth over a high knee cone / string / hurdle 20 times in 10 seconds

Tip #5: According to research studies, the higher your aerobic power – the lower your vertical jump. To make a basketball player perform a lot of aerobic work (upper or lower) will be to his athletic detriment.

Tip #6: Shorter ground contacts are better at improving “reactive ability”. If you read Verkhoshansky’s work you will discover that he recommends Depth Jumps off a small box to improve reactive ability. The smaller box correlates with shorter ground contact time. If the aim though is to build a maximal vertical jump remember the goal is always to improve maximal ability. Verkhoshansky recommends DJ off a high box for explosive strength

Tip #7: Research shows strong correlations exist between the % of type IIa fibers, the 1RM in the snatch, and in vertical jump height and power

Tip #8: Deep squat training produced an 8 percent increase in jump height, whereas half squats did not improve the vertical jump at all

Tip #9: Absolute strength for throwers: I will take an increase in the vertical jump versus extra weight in the power / hang clean

Tip #10: If your best VJ from a standing position is better then your best depth jump from a low box height, you should use landings via drop jumps

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