10 Tips for an Explosive Vertical Jump

Tip #1: The two most important factors in your vertical jump is horsepower and movement efficiency. Strength per pound of bodyweight is the horsepower-movement efficiency is how well you can carry out the movement. You put those 2 things together and they determine the height of your jump

Tip #2: According to research studies, the higher your aerobic power – the lower your vertical jump. To make a basketball player perform a lot of aerobic work is a great way to kill his dunking ability

Tip #3: Doing aerobic work for the upper body will also kill your vertical jump

Tip #4: Perform heavy back squats and jump higher by preconditioning the body for maximal performance by pairing strength and power exercises

Tip #5: Lack of mobility in the hip flexors and ankles can make you a weak jumper because it’s been shown to cause faulty jumping mechanics

Tip #6: Deep squat training produced an 8 percent increase in jump height, whereas half squats did not improve the vertical jump at all

Tip #7: Individual joint contribution to a typical standing bilateral vert will be around 40% hip, 40% knee, and 20% ankle

Tip #8: Most athletes should have enough baseline ankle extensor strength to perform a set of 20 rep barbell calf raises (or similar exercise equivalent) with 1.5 times their bodyweight

Tip #9: It’s always a good idea to get as much hip contribution as possible into your jumps. Not only does this promote higher jumps, but it also promotes a smoother, crisper, movement pattern and takes stress OFF your knees – an area which is very prone to injury in athletes that do a lot of jumps. There is also research indicating athletes with superior jumps get more out of their hip extensors

Tip #10: Does jumping irritate your knees? If so that might indicate quad dominance and would behoove you to concentrate on getting those hips stronger thus getting the body to activate and rely more on your hips.

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