10 Hints, Tips and Tricks That You need To Know About Zinc

10 Hints, Tips and Tricks That You need To Know About Zinc
Tip #1: 4 weeks of supplementing with 30 mg of zinc sulfate a day allowed for a much greater increase in free and total testosterone

Tip #2: If you’re taking too much iron, you may be heading for a zinc deficiency since both minerals have similar binding sites

Tip #3: Zinc lozenges have been shown to reduce cold duration by 42%, but according to this study you need at least 75mg of zinc per day

Tip #4: Having adequate zinc enhances the conversion of androstenedione to testosterone (avoiding the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen)

Tip #5: Zinc treatment has most recently been tested as a treatment for diabetes and insulin resistance

Tip #6: Vegetarians are thought to need zinc intakes that are at least 50 percent higher than omnivores.

Tip #7: Zinc is called the intelligence mineral because it is needed for optimal development and functioning of the brain and nervous system

Tip #8: Did you know that chicken thighs contain only 1 more gram of fat than breast-but twice as much iron and 3x more Testosterone-boosting zinc?

Tip #9: Selenium, Iodine, and Zinc are required for the production of T3 (your active Thyroid)

Tip #10: Zinc is a potent antioxidant that will improve detox in the body-protect your cells from damage due to environmental chemicals/heavy metals

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