10 Hints, Tips and Tricks about Creatine

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10 Hints, Tips and Tricks about Creatine
#1. Creatine has to be dissolved in order for the body to absorb all of it (prevent stomach upsets) it has to be put into warm water and stirred

#2. Creatine is not only an energy source but it also functions as an antioxidant, minimizing the inflammatory response to training

#3. A new animal study shows Creatine-CoQ10 combination protects brain cells and lengthens lifespan…hmmm sounds promising

#4. Sports that require repeated short bursts of explosive movement, benefit from a supplement that combines sodium bicarbonate and creatine

#5. Nutritionists at the University of Glasgow studied the effect of hyperhydration using a cocktail of creatine and glycerol

#6. Contrary to what many supplement companies would have you believe, creatine monohydrate is still SUPERIOR to modern versions of the product

#7. One should take 5 grams creatine monohydrate 30-45 minutes prior to training and 5 grams after to replenish your creatine stores. Studies have shown that these are the two most effective times to supplement with it

#8. In a 10 week strength training program, compared with placebo, maximal strength was increased by 20-25 percent and muscle mass by 60 percent with creatine supplementation

#9. The researchers measured the concentration of myostatin in the subjects blood. Weight training reduced the concentration. And training using creatine reduces the concentration even further.

#10. In warm and humid weather, athletes dont have to worry about using creatine. It wont lead to overheating. Athletes that use the energy supplement still sweat and therefore can regulate their body

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