6 More Bench Press Tips

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6 More Bench Press Tips

Tip 1 Bring the bar as low on your chest as possible- “just above where the belly meets the sternum”(Gallagher 68)

Tip 2 Allow the bar sink into your chest slightly to get better drive, which loads the legs with more tension (Ibid)

Tip 3 Press the legs hard toward the torso.  The leg jolt continues into the torso, ending in the chest.  We purposefully create a jolt.  The jolt, timed right and executed with power and
push, creates momentum where there was none.”(Ibid)

Tip 4 use the incline bench to develop all of your strength for competitive benching, and do all reps paused.(Gallagher 69)

Tip 5 Pausing reps on your chest in training is key- “If you don’t pause your reps, you’re wasting your time.  If you don’t have strength from a dead stop, muscle tissue won’t get thicker.”(70)

Tip 6 Use 5 second pauses between reps to develop lockout strength


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