10 MORE Things You Need To Know About Overhead Pressing

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10 MORE Things You Need To Know About Overhead Pressing

Tip #1: Anecdotally, there were far fewer rotator cuff injuries prior to the use of the bench press as the staple for upper body strength testing. Prior to the 1950’s, the bench press was virtually unheard of and overhead lifting was the only true manner to improve upper body strength levels.

Tip #2: The truth of the matter is that overhead pressing transfers to increases in the bench press, but more times than not, the reverse ISN’T true

Tip #3: If one temporarily increases overhead press work and decrease bench press, one will decrease rotator cuff pain / injuries

Tip #4: Players with great overhead pressing strength tend to have rock-solid core strength

Tip #5: If your bench press has not improved since Bill Clinton was president, get those overhead presses up

Tip #6: The overhead press involves a long kinetic chain producing a high level of potential torque (superior exercise for developing core stability)

Tip #7: Thoracic strength and extension is the literal foundation for overhead movement.

Tip #8: If your overhead pressing strength is poor, it reciprocally inhibits the strength of your upper body to pull when in a hanging position

Tip #9: Try and overhead pressing cycle. You’ll be surprised how fast your chin up and power goes up

Tip #10: And lastly, some strength ratings for the LOG PRESS – Male athletes – 66% of their bench press for the same amount of reps / female 45% for the same reps