10 Tips on Estrogen and Fat Loss

10 Tips on Estrogen and Fat Loss
Tip #1: Beer is THAT estrogenic. Before someone asks, if you must drink, red wine actually prevents aromatization-Pinot noir/merlot are good choices

Tip #2: BPA is estrogenic, meaning it mimics the hormone estrogen in the body and binds to estrogen hormone receptors, altering hormonal balance. BPA exposure led to lower testosterone and poor sexual function in men because it inhibited the production of androstenedione—the hormone from which testosterone is produced

Tip #3: To block an enzyme called aromatase that turns testosterone into estrogen-adequate zinc, b vitamins, selenium, green tea and antioxidants

Tip #4: An infant exclusively fed soy formula receives the estrogenic equivalent (based on body weight) of up to five birth control pills per day.

Tip #5: A water-based extract of goji berry has shown an anti-oestrogen effect in test-tube trials on human cells.

Tip #6: Simply eat more vegetables-lots more vegetables. That simple trick alone will help you burn fat. You might also consider gorging on the cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, as there seems to be an epidemic of “man-boobs” in America. These vegetables are strongly anti-estrogenic.

Tip #7: Seeds are also a good bet for healthy foods, but sunflower seeds are estrogenic and should thus be avoided, as estrogen is the root of all evil

Tip #8: Alcohol consumption increases estrogen levels, and epidemiological studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer, an effect that may be synergistically enhanced when combined with estrogen replacement therapy

Tip #9: Phthalates are another chemical estrogen that are used in plastics and many personal care products such as shampoo and lotion

Tip #10: If you’re trying to maximize testosterone, you’ll most likely want to minimize intake of phytoestrogens. Here’s an list of phytoestrogen content for some foods:

Soybeans 103,920
Soy nuts 68,730
Tofu 27,150
Textured vegetable protein 16,223
Soy protein 8,840
Soy sauce 150

Mung bean sprouts 495
Mung beans 48
Lentils 37
Red beans 10
Black beans 10

Flaxseed 379,380 (not a misprint)
Sesame seed 8,008
Walnuts 139
Almonds 131
Cashews 122
Peanuts 35

Garlic 604
Olive oil 180
Broccoli 94
Onions 32
Spinach 15
Tomatoes 10
Carrots 7

Dried apricots 445
Peaches 65
Strawberries 51
Oranges 19
Blueberries 18
Grapes 10
Bananas 2.6

Bread, flax 7,540
Bread, multigrain 4,798
Donuts 2,903
Bread, rye 146
Bread, whole wheat 9.8
Rice 6.2
Bread, white 5.7

Black licorice 862
Pizza 27
Ham 2.3
Hot dog 3.1
Tuna, canned 1.3

Juice, V-8 17
Juice, orange 8.6
Coffee 6.3
Milk 1.2
Tea, green 13.0
Beer 2.7
Wine, red 53.9

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