The Truth About Nutrition and Dental Health – 10 Tips

Tip #1: If you have pockets of inflammation in your gum line, and you get them killed treated with ozone therapy, your work capacity goes up

Tip #2: Infrequent dentist visits and lack of daily brushing are linked with an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, skipping the dentist and poor oral hygiene are associated with a number of health risks including diabetes, oxidative stress, decreased kidney function, atherosclerosis, stroke, and obesity

Tip #3: Poor oral health increases cardiovascular risk markers because periodontal disease elevates bacteria levels in the mouth, causing chronic inflammation that affects vascular health

Tip #4: Journal of the Indian Society of Periodontology notes that the polyphenols in green tea kill oral bacteria that cause bad breath and inflammation

Tip #5: Poor dental health and the buildup of inflammation in your mouth will make you weak

Tip #6: Dental health affects the level of inflammation in the body, visceral belly fat accumulation, gastrointestinal function, fertility, sexual function, and brain processing

Tip #7: Get adequate DHA and EPA omega-3 fats daily. EPA is necessary because it provides metabolites that “turn off” the inflammatory response in the mouth. Greater DHA intake was significantly linked to less risk of periodontal disease

Tip #8: A recent study found that for each additional serving of high-fiber fruits and vegetables eaten by men over age 65, they had a five percent decrease in gum recession and nearly a 30 percent increase in overall periodontal health

Tip #9: Research shows that probiotics applied through toothpaste inhibit plaque formation and lower the pH of saliva so that bad bacteria cannot act on your teeth

Tip #10: The antioxidants in green tea prevent the development of biomarkers such as C-reactive protein that are linked to bone loss in the mouth and teeth

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