10 Tips on Smart Eating for Thanksgiving

Rather than giving into gaining fat this holiday season, strive to maintain your current body composition and fitness…try these tips on for size

Tip #1: Choose the least worst option. Fill up on protein-rich foods, and eliminate or minimize high-carb choices as much as possible

Tip #2: Eat Breakfast. You have a chance to make better choices at breakfast that will dictate your hunger levels. Fill up on protein at breakfast and your blood sugar levels will be in better check so you be in vacuum mode when you get in front of the buffet.

Tip #3: Police your portions. Use smaller plates and choose smaller portions for each item you choose thus minimizing the damage to your current body fat levels.

Tip #4: Drink Green Tea To Minimize The Negative Effects of Alcohol – One study found that green tea eliminated liver damage from alcohol intake, and it may help you minimize feelings of a hangover because of better liver function

Tip #5: Get Enough Sleep – We also know that being tired leads people to eat more, particularly foods with more saturated fat

Tip #6: Add Omega-3s With Meal – Omega-3s will increase your levels of serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel good), and decrease depression and anxiety. Plus, they turn on the lipolytic genes (which burn fat), turn off the lipogenic genes (which store fat), and reduce carb cravings

Tip #7: Train High Volume Right Before Eating—Don’t Do Aerobic Training! Avoid continuous aerobic training at all costs because this raises cortisol, oxidative stress , and has no effect on fat burning

Tip #8: Skip the liquid Calories – Save your stomach real estate for real food

Tip #9: Schedule it as a cheat day. Come on. It’s a holiday. Loosen up. Be moderate, but enjoy the food

Tip #10: Chew your food. Seriously, slow down a bit. Studies have shown that chewing your food actually can increase satiety and help you to feel full more quickly

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