10 Things You Need To Know About Zinc

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Tip #1: Zinc is a potent antioxidant that will improve detox in the body-protect your cells from damage due to environmental chemicals/heavy metals

Tip #2: Take a liquid zinc test to see if you can taste zinc. If not, you are deficient and should take zinc to speed fat loss

Tip #3: Restoring zinc is fairly easy; it really doesn’t take that long. Restoring magnesium levels can sometimes take four times longer

Tip #4: To block an enzyme called aromatase that turns testosterone into estrogen-adequate zinc, b vitamins, selenium, green tea and antioxidants

Tip #5: It’s not completely understood how zinc curbs colds, but it prevents the virus from attaching to nasal membranes-try 50-65 mgs of zinc/day

Tip #6: Protein synthesis is impaired as is energy production with an inadequate zinc intake

Tip #7: Take your Zinc at least 5 hours away from caffeine consumption as they tend to conflict and interfere with zinc absorption

Tip #8: Some heavy metals can function as anagonists to beneficial minerals. Just supplementing with your mag and zinc will displace the HM’s so you really want to be binding them with other chelators to make sure they don’t just get restored to potentially more sensitive parts of your body.

Tip #9: Zinc supplements enhance testosterone levels. If you give athletes a daily dose of 3 mg zinc per kg bodyweight, after four weeks theyll have 40 percent more free testosterone in their blood. Researchers at the Selcuk University in Turkey discovered this when they did an experiment with 10 male wrestlers.

Tip #10: Think Zinc for growth. That’s right, the mineral zinc is involved in virtually all phases of growth. Even more critical for bodybuilders, studies have shown that high intensity exercise stimulates excessive zinc loss. Further, diets of some athletes have been found to be low in zinc. This potential double edged sword, excess loss coupled with possible low intakes, moves zinc into our number three position. If you’re not mindful of your zinc intake, your growth may be stymied.