ICON Twitter Updates for 2012-09-27

  • I just uploaded "Top 40 Grip Tests #24 – Pinch Plate Walks" to Vimeo: http://t.co/hi92lZM7 #
  • One common mistake is thinking that piling on the miles will make you faster. Don’t increase your mileage by more than 10 percent per week #
  • I just uploaded "Top 40 Grip Test #23 – 1" Vertical Bar Deadlifts" to Vimeo: http://t.co/UtDCxNQm #
  • ICON Twitter Updates for 2012-09-26: If you’re a runner and you can’t extend your hip well behind you on your st… http://t.co/XI1N5qGW #
  • 82 percent of runners will suffer some form of injury from running too much #
  • There's no evidence that static arch height makes a difference-Passive structural joint position gets thrown out the window when running #

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