Top 10 Methods to Re-Ignite Your Training Fire

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1. Motivating Pictures on the Mirror / Frig. This method is old as the hills, yet it stills works tremendously. Any picture that you find on the internet, magazine, newspaper or maybe an old picture of you in the past in the condition / shape you want to re-attain. Post the picture (or a multitude of pictures) anywhere and everywhere where you keep running into it. Make it almost obnoxious about how many places you post these pics. The point of these pics is to create a feeding frenzy of training motivation and visualization is a great start as well as being the absolute key.

2. New Training Partners. I know this sounds cold blooded to those training wolf packs who have been together since the zygote stage. But just how important is this goal of yours? How bad do you want it? Complacency is a long, slow, agonizing death and you get to watch the irksome and distasteful decline of yourself and your goals and aspirations swirl down the toilet of life. (depressing isn’t it?) Those training partners maybe your blood brothers and would do anything for you, but sometimes a clean break is what you need to make sure your goals get the due consideration and intensity they require. Just ask yourself, are your goals and theirs on the same path? If the honest answer is no… you have your answer.

3. Re-Visit Your Training Goals. This kinda goes hand-in-hand with the last entry but needs some specificity. Your goals need to be precision focused…. laser-edged. No compromises, no shortcuts, no ifs, ands or buts. NONE. This next suggestion isn’t really a suggestion but quite the law. WRITE IT DOWN. This cements the goal in your head, heart and soul. Write it a hundred times if you have to. Every pound, every set, every rep, every workout, every day, every week, every single thing you can think of… leave nothing to chance… nothing.

4. New Training Music. This always put an extra pep in my step and got me few extra reps / pounds. Whatever music floats your boat. Metal, country, techno, rap, hip hip, house, rave, thrash, whatever it takes. So load up the iPod or grab a new CD or find a new channel on XM and let loose a fury of training intensity at the gym that the world has never seen. If your taste in music if offensive to others (no, don’t shove it where the sun doesn’t shine),
get some earbuds / earphones and keep it to yourself and pump up the volume. The decibel level definitely has an enhancement quality on the music. So turn it up!

5. New Training Facility. Sometimes, as time ticks away, the gym atmosphere can evolve. A lot of times, the evolution maybe the… DE-evolution variety. Some gyms will veer more toward a fitness crowd and try to appease the masses. This will definitely dilute the training atmosphere quite a bit. So I don’t care if the gym owner is Godfather to all your little rugrats, you need to make a move. Do some investigating and try some new gyms. They will all give you a free workout, if not a free week. Do your workout and don’t get timid. You need to assess your workout style and see if it’s compatible with the current gym administration.

6. New Training Gear. This goes for new lifting suits, bench shirts, groove briefs, new t-shirts, new hats, whatever will get you fired up when you sport your new apparel. Your favorite band, a new goth shirt, fresh cut-off sleeve flannel shirts, new Westside Barbell gear, new elbow neoprene sleeves, Hell, even some freshly washed wrist wraps that don’t smell like zombie feces, might do the trick to end your training levels into the stratosphere.

7. Re-Write Your Whole Training Program. Most people realize that the human body is the most adaptable organism on the entire planet. And given a program written by a gaggle of Russian research scientists, your body will start adapting in three weeks. So with that being said, I still find people everyday working on routines that they have training with since 1985. And they actually wonder why their bench hasn’t moved in ten years, or their thighs are still the same size since college. One of the best motivators is to come to the gym with a whole new training regimen complete with end-of-the-tunnel training goals. Do this daily, weekly, monthly or and annual program complete with periodization of some type. Don’t leave anything out. Core, prehab, rehab, grip, neck, isometrics, eccentrics, modality training, forearms, rear delts, rotator cuff, and so on. Just don’t program for the big movements. All the supportive and accessory work is as important as moving big weights.

8. Set Up a Competitive Atmosphere. If you have some “good” training partners who don’t mind some friendly competition, then call them out. Talk some smack. Make some money bets. Make a record board everyone can see. Have a gym trophy that the winner gets to hold on to till he / she gets beat. Whatever you can think of that would make your training relationship either with your own partners or with a rival team within the gym, or the gym across town. When I was competitive bodybuilding, the rival gym was Barrett’s Gym. We were Vulcan Gym. Even at the city bodybuilding championships, we had reserved seating at opposite ends of the auditorium. It made for GREAT training intensity at both gyms and you couldn’t pay for that kind of training atmosphere.

9. Set a Date to Focus Your Efforts. Nothing motivates like a specific date to focus all your efforts. When one knows that they have a date coming up that they have to pay the piper, this lights a fire under one’s ass like nothing else. I don’t care if its powerlifting nationals, your wedding day, your first bodybuilding contest, your class reunion, or a dream date with Carmen Electra. This will hone your training to a laser-like edge and you will even surprise yourself on what you can accomplish. Knowing you have to lift a certain amount of weight, pose with zero body fat on a major stage, or buck naked in front of some hot girl will inspire one to new heights every time.

10. Make a Formal Declaration. Telling everyone you know about your training goals is a great way to establish some accountability. Friends, family, training partners, and people at the gym, anyone that might be around all day, every day that in turn will remind you of your goals and help keep you on track. If you think you are alone, and no one can see you, or if no one cares about your or your aspirations, or doesn’t know you and thusly won’t know of your endeavors, then its easy to set aside your goals and eat those french fries, skip that workout, or just walk that cardio.
This condition effects everyone at one point in time and no one is invulnerable. Hope these tips help.